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MATH 175S - Plane Trigonometry with Support

Unit(s): 4.0

Prerequisite: MATH 060 and MATH 070 or MATH 070D or MATH 073 or MATH 073B or appropriate placement
Advisory: ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate placement; READ 043 or appropriate placement
Transfers to: CSU

This course is designed for students who are majoring in math, science, or engineering. It equips students with the skills necessary for success in precalculus. This course presents the concepts of plane trigonometry using a functions approach. Included is a study of trigonometric functions, their inverses and their graphs, identities and proofs related to trigonometric expressions, trigonometric equations, solving right triangles, solving triangles using the Law of Cosines and the Law of Sines, polar coordinates, and an introduction to vectors. In addition, this class offers support for college level trigonometry through algebra and geometry review along with presentation of reading strategies for mathematical problems and study skills.

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