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Certificate of Achievement
Automotive Technology - Transmission Service

The courses listed in this certificate compile a comprehensive list of job-related skills needed to enter the automotive field.  The skills acquired during class will help one complete the ASE Certification Test in the areas of A-2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle and/or A-3 Manual Drive Train and Axles.  The certificate is designed to prepare an individual for entry-level employment as an Automatic Transmission and/or Manual Transmission Service/Repair Technician.

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Sample Education Plan

This sample education plan for the 2023-2024 catalog year represents one possible pathway through the program. Each university (UC, CSU, private, and others) has their own transfer requirements; please see a counselor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs. Additional course descriptions may be found in the College Catalog.
CourseUnitsTypically Offered
1st Semester
AUTO 103 - Introduction to Automotive Service and Repair: Undercar ServiceM3.0
AUTO 103 - Introduction to Automotive Service and Repair: Undercar Service (3.0 units)

Advisory:It is advised that students be able to engage in written composition at a college level and read college-level texts.
Transfers to: CSU

This is an introductory course designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of the transmission, brakes, suspension, heating and air conditioning, engine performance, and emission control systems of the modern automobile. Students will learn basic automotive tool and equipment use and how to safely perform basic repair and maintenance operations. Students will have the opportunity to perform minor repair work on their own vehicles to complete required tasks. This course is designed to be a companion course to AUTO 101 and AUTO 106, and is one of the three prerequisite courses for AUTO 107. Students are encouraged to complete all three courses in order to obtain a firm foundation in this subject, and it is required for the General Service Technician Certificate Program.

Total Semester Units:3.0 
1st Semester
AUTO 125 - Power Train System Service and Transmission DiagnosticsM4.0
AUTO 125 - Power Train System Service and Transmission Diagnostics (4.0 units)

Prerequisite:AUTO 102 or AUTO 103
Transfers to: CSU

This course in power train service and light repair addresses topics in Manual Transmissions, Automatic Transmissions/ Transaxles, Differentials, Clutches and Drive shafts. Emphasis will be placed on correct procedures for sustaining transmission service life, identifying service intervals for prolonging component life, procedures for proper transmission removal and reinstallation and inspection of components. Students will be informed to specific power train related faults, how problems are diagnosed, and protocol for updating transmission shift logic using updated computer software. Topics will be facilitated through class room discussions, live demonstration as well as student laboratory exercises. Students will use scan tools, flushing equipment, computers and a variety of specialty tools to assist them during their classroom and laboratory experiences.

AUTO 220 - Manual Drive Trains and AxlesM4.0
AUTO 220 - Manual Drive Trains and Axles (4.0 units)

Prerequisite: AUTO 103
Advisory:AUTO 125
Transfers to: CSU

This course discusses modern manual transmissions, transaxles, drivelines, differentials, and 4WD/AWD systems theory of operation, methods of repair, service, equipment operation and techniques of problem diagnosis. Procedures for import and domestic vehicles are developed through classroom discussion, demonstrations and laboratory experiences. This course prepares the student for the (ASE) Automotive Service Excellence A-3 Exam and is intended for automotive majors. Students with permission from the Division may re-enroll only one time for certification or licensure standards.

AUTO 230 - Automatic Transmission/TransaxleM4.0
AUTO 230 - Automatic Transmission/Transaxle (4.0 units)

Prerequisite: AUTO 103
Advisory:AUTO 065
Transfers to: CSU

This course is designed to provide instruction in Automatic Transmission/Transaxle systems. Included will be the application of friction materials, planetary gear components, hydraulic components; both hydraulically controlled and electronically controlled, fluid types and sealing materials. The student will achieve skill in diagnosis, removal, disassembly, reassembly and rebuilding transmission units to manufacturer’s specifications and learn part nomenclature and function. Students with permission from the Division may re-enroll only one time for certification and licensure standards.

Total Semester Units:12.0 
Total Units for Automotive Technology - Transmission Service COA program 15.0 
AP exams and courses taken outside of Rio Hondo College may fulfill general education and/or major requirements. Please check with a counselor.
M Major course; course may also meet a general education requirement
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