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Certificate of Achievement
Computer Information Technology/Computer Systems

This certificate program is designed to prepare students for employment in computer applications with emphasis in programming language C++, Java, or Python.

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Sample Education Plan

This sample education plan for the 2023-2024 catalog year represents one possible pathway through the program. Each university (UC, CSU, private, and others) has their own transfer requirements; please see a counselor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs. Additional course descriptions may be found in the College Catalog.
CourseUnitsTypically Offered
1st Semester
CIT 101 - Introduction to Computer Information TechnologyM3.0
CIT 101 - Introduction to Computer Information Technology (3.0 units)

Advisory: CIT 051; It is advised that students be able to engage in written composition at a college level and read college-level texts.
Transfers to: UC, CSU

This course is an examination of information systems and their role in business. It will focus on information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, computer systems hardware and software components. It will apply these concepts and methods through hands-on projects developing computer-based solutions to business problems.

CIT 111 - Introduction to ProgrammingM3.0
CIT 111 - Introduction to Programming (3.0 units)

Advisory:CIT 101; It is advised that students have a knowledge of elementary algebra concepts.
Transfers to: UC,CSU

This course is for students who want to develop the problem-solving abilities required to work in the computer field. Programming concepts are discussed through a variety of techniques including hierarchy diagrams, flow-charting, data diagrams, and pseudocode. The course will also include information on integrated development environments (IDEs).

CIT 119 - Microsoft AccessM3.0
CIT 119 - Microsoft Access (3.0 units)

Advisory:CIT 101
Transfers to:CSU

This is a thorough microcomputer database applications course, which will provide instruction in the use of the latest version of database software for business applications. Students will learn to create and modify tables, build table relationships, add and edit records, create forms for data entry, produce simple queries and reports, advanced query functions, custom forms design for data entry, custom report writing, and sharing and integrating data with Web pages. This course is intended for students desiring to complete the requirements for the Computer Information Technology Degree or professionals wanting a thorough introduction to Microsoft® Access®.

Total Semester Units:9.0 
2nd Semester
CIT 200 - Systems Analysis and DesignM3.0
CIT 200 - Systems Analysis and Design (3.0 units)

Prerequisite: CIT 101 or CIT 114
Transfers to:CSU

The course presents a systematic methodology for analyzing a business problem or opportunity, determining what role, if any, computer-based technologies can play in addressing the business need, articulating business requirements for the technology solution, specifying alternative approaches to acquiring the technology capabilities needed to address the business requirements, and specifying the requirements for the information systems solution in particular, in-house development, development from third-party providers, or purchased commercial-off-the-shelf packages.

Major ElectiveM3.0
Select one Programming option
CIT 125/CIT 126 (C++ Programming)
CIT 135/CIT 136 (Java Programming)
CIT 127/CIT 128 (Python Programming)

Please see a counselor to discuss course options.

Major ElectiveM3.0
Select one Programming option
CIT 125/CIT 126 (C++ Programming)
CIT 135/CIT 136 (Java Programming)
CIT 127/CIT 128 (Python Programming)

Please see a counselor to discuss course options.

Total Semester Units:9.0 
Total Units for Computer Information Technology/Computer Systems COA program 18.0 
AP exams and courses taken outside of Rio Hondo College may fulfill general education and/or major requirements. Please check with a counselor.
M Major course; course may also meet a general education requirement
Advising Sheet:
Click or tap here to open the program's advising sheet.

Program Learning Outcomes


Students will demonstrate basic computer literacy including operating input/output devices and proficiency in the Microsoft Office applications suite.


Students will apply critical-thinking and problem-solving skills required by employers and four- year universities.


Students will analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements  required for its solution.

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