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Certificate of Achievement
Honda Professional Career Training Program Specialization (PACT) - Honda/Acura Brakes, Suspension, and Chassis Electrical Systems

The courses listed in this certificate of achievement constitute a comprehensive training package that includes both cognitive and skill-based training activities. The training from these courses helps prepare students for Automotive Services Excellence (ASE) Certification Tests A4 (Suspension and Steering), A5 (Brakes), and A6 (Electrical/Electronic Systems). Students also develop skill- based training techniques that reflect hands-on work experience. The courses are structured to prepare Honda Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) students for occupations within the Honda/Acura dealership network, such as express service technicians and/or entry-level repair technicians.

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Sample Education Plan

This sample education plan for the 2023-2024 catalog year represents one possible pathway through the program. Each university (UC, CSU, private, and others) has their own transfer requirements; please see a counselor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs. Additional course descriptions may be found in the College Catalog.
CourseUnitsTypically Offered
1st Semester
AUTO 106 - Automotive Electrical Tools and Diagnostic ProceduresM3.0
AUTO 106 - Automotive Electrical Tools and Diagnostic Procedures (3.0 units)

Advisory:It is advised that students be able to engage in written composition at a college level and read college-level texts.
Transfers to: CSU

This is an introductory course designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of the electrical systems of the modern automobile. Emphasis will be placed on electrical fundamentals, symbols and circuit diagrams, batteries, starting, charging, ignition, and lighting systems. Students will learn the proper use of automotive electrical tools and equipment, and how to safely perform basic vehicle electrical repair and maintenance operations. Students will have the opportunity to perform minor repair work on their own vehicles to complete required tasks. This course is designed to be a companion course to AUTO 101 and AUTO 103, and is one of the three prerequisite courses for AUTO 107. Students are encouraged to complete all three courses in order to obtain a firm foundation in this subject, and it is required for the General Service Technician Certificate Program.

Total Semester Units:3.0 
2nd Semester
AUTO 290 - Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Automotive Technology Related FieldsM4.0
AUTO 290 - Cooperative Work Experience/Internship for Automotive Technology Related Fields (4.0 units)

Advisory:It is advised that students be able to engage in written composition and read college-level texts.
Transfers to:CSU

This course supports and reinforces on-the-job training in business and industrial establishments under the supervision of a college instructor, and is facilitated by the use of learning objectives. The student will be working in a skilled or professional level assignment in their area of vocational interest, and will meet performance objectives related to instruction that are above and beyond the conditions of regular employment. This course is intended for students whose job is related to the automotive/transportation field and have completed or enrolled in the appropriate coursework. Contact the CWE office regarding re-enrollment procedures.

Student Unpaid Internship:
1 Unit/60 hours; 2 Units/120 hours;
3 Units/180 hours; 4 Units/240 hours
Student Paid Internship:
1 Unit/75 hours; 2 Units/150 hours;
3 Units/225 hours; 4 Units/300 hours.

Total Semester Units:4.0 
Summer 1
AUTO 045 - Honda/Acura Express ServiceM4.0
AUTO 045 - Honda/Acura Express Service (4.0 units)

Prerequisite:AUTO 101 or AUTO 102

This course introduces maintenance, light repair and service operations for late model Honda/Acura vehicles. Students will engage in MLRS interactive activities, lessons and/or special assignments via distance learning using Honda’s Interactive Training and Support Network. Upon completion of each MLRS training module students will be assessed on the subject matter. Successful completion of all MLRS modules will then be accompanied by an Express Service performance evaluation. During Express Service students will have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in MLRS areas in a mock dealership environment. Successful completion of all MLRS modules and the Express Service evaluation will count toward the students MRLS certification/certificate.

Total Semester Units:4.0 
3rd Semester
AUTO 201 - Automotive Brake and Suspension ServiceM4.0
AUTO 201 - Automotive Brake and Suspension Service (4.0 units)

Prerequisite: AUTO 102 or AUTO 103
Transfers to:CSU

This course discusses brakes and suspension theory of operation, service and repair procedures, related tool and equipment use and strategy based problem diagnosis. These procedures for imported and domestic automobiles and light trucks are developed through classroom discussions, demonstrations and laboratory experiences. This course is designed for students wanting to work in the automotive sector or automotive technicians needing to improve their skills and knowledge in brake and suspension service.

Total Semester Units:4.0 
Total Units for Honda Professional Career Training Program Specialization (PACT) - Honda/Acura Brakes, Suspension, and Chassis Electrical Systems COA program 15.0 
AP exams and courses taken outside of Rio Hondo College may fulfill general education and/or major requirements. Please check with a counselor.
M Major course; course may also meet a general education requirement
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Program Learning Outcomes

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