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Certificate of Achievement
Sport Studies

The Certificate of Achievement in Sport Studies prepares students to address current issues in sport and sport leadership, and is intended for students seeking employment in youth sport organizations, educational institutions, athletic programs, and recreational organizations. Students completing this certificate use social scientific inquiry through descriptive and comparative investigation to analyze sociological theories and the history of sport, as well as the role sport plays in human behavior, government, political decisions regarding sport, ethics, Title IX, gender, cultural organizations, and the human experience. This certificate can be completed in one year.

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Sample Education Plan

This sample education plan for the 2022-2023 catalog year represents one possible pathway through the program. Each university (UC, CSU, private, and others) has their own transfer requirements; please see a counselor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs. Additional course descriptions may be found in the College Catalog.
CourseUnitsTypically Offered
1st Semester
KIN 159 - Leadership in SportM3.0
KIN 159 - Leadership in Sport (3.0 units)

Advisory:READ 043 or appropriate placement; ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate placement
Transfers to:UC (*credit limit), CSU(*The UC will grant a maximum of 8 units of credit for PE Theory courses)

This course takes up leadership theories and the impact of leadership empowerment through sport. The course is designed for students interested in increasing insight into leadership within sport environments by examining philosophical, sociological, and psychological leadership dynamics in individual and team sports from youth through professional levels. The course covers topics such as leadership theories, self-awareness, informal and formal leadership, emotional intelligence theory, athlete motivation, team dynamics, the role of team captains, and communication theories.

KIN 120 - Sports Law and EthicsM3.0
KIN 120 - Sports Law and Ethics (3.0 units)

Advisory: ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate placement; READ 043 or appropriate placement
Transfers to:UC,CSU

This course explores how various bodies of substantive law are applied in the context of the sport industry—both professional and amateur. The course examines the various types of laws that apply to the sport industry (e.g., constitutional, tort, contract, labor, and antitrust) and how these laws are interpreted to decide legal claims for employment, personal injury, intellectual property, and discriminatory practices; and the legal relationships among athletes, teams, leagues, governing bodies, sports facilities, licensees, broadcasters, and fans. The course will also address the compliance issues and ethical structures that define the sports industry.

Total Semester Units:6.0 
2nd Semester
KIN 195 - Social Issues/Media in SportM3.0
KIN 195 - Social Issues/Media in Sport (3.0 units)

Advisory: ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate placement; READ 043 or appropriate placement
Transfers to:CSU

This course examines sport as a significant aspect of modern culture and a major institution of contemporary civilization. Students gain an understanding of the impact sport has had in history and politics, and on moral values, ethics, and sociological issues historically and in present-day society. Topics include gender, race, and ethnicity and their roles in sport; sport as an economic enterprise; social media and sport; sport at the youth, high school, collegiate, professional and international levels; the effects that social class, globalization, and media have on sport; and what future trends will influence the world of sport.

KIN 190 - Women in SportsM3.0
KIN 190 - Women in Sports (3.0 units)

Advisory:ENGL 035 or ENLA 100 or appropriate placement; READ 043 or appropriate placement
Transfers to:CSU

This course examines the history, analysis, and interpretation of the people, events, and issues that have affected women in sport historically and in present society. Psychological, sociological, and physiological considerations of female athletes as related to sport, history, and education will be covered. Students gain an understanding of the substantial impact women have had on the sport world, and how their significance will determine the future of women in sport.

Total Semester Units:6.0 
Total Units for Sport Studies COA program 12.0 
AP exams and courses taken outside of Rio Hondo College may fulfill general education and/or major requirements. Please check with a counselor.
M Major course; course may also meet a general education requirement
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